No. 1160
Infrared Technology for Safety and Security
Investigating R&D Committee on infrared technology for safety and security
Keyword : Infrared, terahertz, THz
The SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which occurred in China around March, 2009 spread very rapidly in the world. Just as everyone almost forgets this disaster, the swine influenza infection originated from Mexico on April, 2009 and has been developing in the world. Infrared thermometers or imagers, therefore, have been largely used to carry out water's edge operation to prevent any virus from entering Japan and other countries. Thus it has been recognized that infrared science could be utilized as one of the important technologies for safety and security. This committee investigated recent infrared technologies for safety and security, and reports them consisting of two parts; elemental and application technologies of the infrared. The former part includes sources, sensors and analyses, and the latter includes non-destructive inspection, security using THz electromagnetic wave, imager for defense, medical treatment, environment and space.

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