No. 1163
Steel Corrosion and Wear Phenomena of Overhead Transmission Lines
Investigating R&D committee on Steel Corrosion and Wear Phenomena of Overhead Transmission Lines
Keyword : Overhead Transmission Line, Corrosion, Wear, Tower, Hardware
Electric power networks have been expanded according to the growth of electricity demand with the economic growth. Particularly, most of overhead transmission lines have been constructed between high economic growth period after World War II and the bubble economy and the amount of aged facilities tends to increase from now on.
Meanwhile, the low economy growth of recent years leads to decrease the opportunities to enhance the facilities. The deterioration due to aging may have an effect on the reliability of electric power supply, because it causes the corrosion of steel towers and hardware, the wear of hardware. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the condition of existing facilities and maintain appropriately the aged facilities by the effective repair work for keeping the stable electric power supply. The methods of management for deterioration are required, because the steel corrosion and wear phenomena due to the aged facilities currently have come up to the surface gradually.
Under these circumstances, this technical report is compiled the latest technical information from electric power companies and manufacturing companies for the effective maintenance of the aged facilities. This report covers "Mechanism of the steel corrosion and wear", "Effect of corrosion and wear on performance of steel", "Inspection & Analysis technology" and "Repair technology" on overhead transmission towers and hardware.

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