No. 1164
The Trends and Study of Life-cycle Managements for Distribution Equipment
Investigation Committee on Ideal Management for Distribution Equipment
Keyword : Equipment managementCEquipment specificationCFailure/TroubleCEco-designCFeedback
Summary With the progress of electrical utility deregulation and the growth of social concern with environmental problems, " Reduction of environmental impact " is becoming an important subject for the electricity supply industry, in addition to such general subjects as " Securing of stable supply " and " Reduction of material cost ".
In the power distribution field, it is required to improve the economics and quality of distribution equipment and to develop eco-designed equipment with the consideration of recycling and the suppression of environmental hazardous substance. The improvement of management accuracy of the equipment is common and a pressing need on the power supply industry, because a great number of equipment are used and increases annually.
In this report, the management is defined as not simple " Facility management " but the system to evaluate correctly the characteristics of equipment and to replace efficiently more suitable equipment. The present state has been researched and collected in the respect of " Specification and management work ", " Trouble and deterioration diagnosis technology ", and " Ecology and recycling ".
The investigation has shown that it is important to feedback the trouble information and environmental consideration to the equipment specification for the advancement of the equipment management, and this committee has proposed " Required information for action " and " Check list of eco-designing ".

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