No. 1169
New Generation Electric and Magnetic Actuators
Investigating R&D Committee on New Generation Electric and Magnetic Actuators
Keyword : Electromagnetic actuator, Piezo, Ultrasonic, SMA, GMA, Magnetic fluid
The actuator is one of the key devices in every science / industry, and electromagnetic rotary motors and linear motors are put to practical use in various fields. It is expected that the various electricity / magnetism actuators that use the new principles such as a piezo actuator, an ultrasonic actuator, a giant magnetostriction actuator, a functional fluid, and an electrostatic actuator as breakthrough technology to create new generation technology / industry, and a part is already put to practical use.
This report describes the research trend, technical problems and applied examples through the investigation for whole new actuators of electric / magnetic drive. Furthermore, an investigation into the effective design numerical methods is conducted to elucidate basic operating principle and the phenomenon mechanism of these actuators, and those findings are arranged and systematized.
This technical report is gathered up to be useful for an engineer examining the good use of a new principle actuator in new product development.

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