No. 1171
The present conditions and the future prospects investigation of the simulation technology in water supply and sewer system.
The investigation committee of simulation technology in water supply and sewer system.
Keyword : public facilities, sewage, simulation, water supply
High correspondence is required for the formation of the recycling society where the environment surrounding recent water and sewage considered security and the global environment of safe city life vision for the future. Problems such as advanced processing, effective use of the energy, environmental measures and the reduction of the cost are raised to be concrete. However, the facilities of water and sewage are multifarious by the topography and a river, the situation of the urbanization in every business entity, and it is a fact that solving problem is difficult in the technology of the conventional uniformity.
We performed hearing investigation on utilized examples mainly for one of the effective means for simulation technology to carry out made-to-order correspondence for the compound demand of such a business entity and a thought, problem solving. In this report, based on past investigation activity suggest how to use simulation technology to get the answers required for water and sewage in the future. Especially, this report describes advanced business entry's examples which already use simulation technology effectively.

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