No. 1173
Lightning, Surge Arresters, and Insulation Co-ordination for High Voltage Power Systems
Surge Arresters Investigating R&D Committee
Keyword : Lightning, Surge Arresters, High Voltage, JEC/ IEC, Insulation Co-ordination (UHV, HVDC)
Metal oxide surge arresters have contributed to the supply of electric power by suppressing lightning surge on 66-1100kV high voltage power systems. Metal (Zinc) Oxide Surge arresters born in Japan using zinc oxide (ZnO) elements are suitable for the insulation co-ordination, and are enable to reduce LIWV (Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage) and construction cost of high voltage power systems.
Under the globalization, the IEEJ surge arresters investigating R&D Committee has published " Lightning, Surge Arresters, and Insulation Co-ordination for High Voltage Power Systems" in English version about the development and application of surge arresters born in Japan for high voltage power systems through the about 35 years experiences in 2009.
This technical report describes about surge arresters for 66-550kV substations in Japan under social conditions, surge arresters and JEC standard developments of ZnO Elements for surge arresters,maintenance methods of surge arresters, developments and applications of 800kV surge arresters, insulation co-ordination based on 1100kV high performance GIS-arresters, concept and features of arrester operating duty test in JEC, IEC Standard, specific consideration on evaluation of porcelain, polymer-housed arresters, 66-500kV externally gapped transmission line arresters (EGLA), zinc oxide surge arresters and HVDC125 kV|upgrade 500kV converter Stations, the creative, originative, useful progress of surge arresters and insulation co-ordination for AC 66-1100kV power systems, and references of surge arresters of 180 papers.

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