No. 1175
Technical trends and applications on high-speed power line communication
Investigating R&D Committee on high-speed power line communication
Keyword : high-speed power line communication, PLC, transmission characteristics, standardization, smart grid
High-speed power line communication (PLC) is greatly expected as a powerful technology to realize ubiquitous networks in home / building and telecommunication infrastructure for smart grid systems. This committee investigated the latest trends on PLC technologies, standardizations and applications from October 2007 through September 2009, and reports them in this document.
In chapter 2, fundamental technologies of high-speed PLC are reported. Specifically, (1) transmission characteristics of power lines wired indoors, outdoors, in ships and in vehicles, (2) signal transmission technologies, and (3) recent research trends.
The oversea trends on broadband services and smart grid systems using PLC are reported in chapter 3. In chapter 4, standardization trends on high-speed PLC are reported. Finally, in chapter 5, the needs and applications of PLC in various fields are investigated.
From the above studies, we show the recent status and issues on high-speed PLC, and present future perspectives on it.

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