No. 1176
Improvement of Small Sized Application Specific Motors and Evaluation Technologies of It
Investigating R&D Committee on Improvement of Small Sized Application Specific Motors and Evaluation Technologies of It
Keyword : Small motor, Application specific motor, Evaluation technology, Drive circuit, Control technologies
The number of application areas of the small sized motors, are rapidly increasing than ever before. In each application area, the motors are designed to satisfy specific performances required there, which have different constructions than that of the other applications. At the same time, a specific base design concepts have been developed in each application area to achieve those necessary performances might have been developed in a different way from that of the others.
The design of Applications Specific Motors(ASM), which includes technologies for designing such motors, motor control circuit technologies, material technologies, evaluation techniques, and motion control algorithms, have been being rapidly advanced even today.
We are expecting designing an ASM with a set of those design technologies most suitable for the application is going to be of much importance. An integrated application which has a networking ability to be controlled over a network is one of the examples of ASM. ASM design with considerations for the environment, which might be recycled in some way, is also going to be significant to the society.
We are also expecting that as those technologies is developed, the performances of ASM are rapidly going to be improved, resulting more expanded application area for ASM. We have pointed out two types of issues here in those developments in ASM. One of them is how to appropriately evaluate an ASM design including the control circuit and the mechanical design in a specific application area. The other is that standardization of evaluation technique is important.
This technical report is intended to be of help in technological developments of ASM, providing the results of our survey, which has been worked over the relevant technologies of ASM. We have tried our utmost to make this report for the readers to be easy to know the trend in the technologies, which includes design and analysis technologies, drive circuit and control technologies, simulation technologies for combined high performance motors, drive and control technologies, the main and the peripheral technologies for small motors, high value-added products technology, evaluation technologies of ASM, environmental measures technologies such as recycling or highly efficient control technique, low-noise operation, and EMC technologies related to motors.
We hope this report help understand and develop the Applications Specific Motors technologies.

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