No. 1178
Cause and Countermeasure Technologies of Flashover for DC Machines
DC Machine Flashover Technology Committee of IEE of JAPAN
Keyword : DC Machine, Flashover, Segment voltage of commutator
At the present, a lot of DC Machines are still using in various field like a Metal rolling mill, Electrical train etc. in JAPAN. Flashover is the most important reliability index of DC Machine and it cause a heavy damage to DC machine. In case of DC Machines, cause of flashover is not only one cause but also composite cause. And in generally, the practice of flashover trial test is very difficult in the institute or in the factory. Therefore, there are no effective technical reports for DC Machine user because the flashover technology is limited to the basis study and case study in the field. According to the above background, "DC Machine flashover technology committee of IEE JAPAN" has been investigated and studied about the cause and countermeasure technologies of flashover for DC Machines. As a result of the studies, the committee has completed the report of more than 60 pages.

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