No. 1180
The trend of Industrial Controllers
Collaborative Research Committee of Synthesis of Robust, Adaptive and Hybrid Control and its application to Industrial Instrumentation.
Keyword : Industrial Controller, PID control, Instrumentation
This book presents the current state and the future perspective of commercialized industrial controllers widely used in manufacturing equipments. The book aims to introduce the latest trend of industrial control technology. Various specifications are imposed on design standards.@Though the control performance is important specification, the business constraint of the manufacturing equipment has to be considered for strict design standards. Authors are engineers of controller supplier. They introduce the practical techniques from industrial viewpoints. Readers will find guidelines and workable examples of industrial application and techniques. This book is for the user of industrial controllers, applied control engineers and academic researchers.

Table of contents:
1. The market trend of industrial controllers and the industrial role
2. Industrial PID control theory
3. Implement of practical PID control
4. Instrument techniques of industrial controllers
5. Advanced control (OMRON, YAMATAKE, TOHO)

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