No. 1185
Advanced Discharge Applications and Fundamental Discharge Parameters
Investigating R&D Committee of Charged Particles, Excitation Species, Dissociation Spacies, Photon and Atomic Molecule Dynamics
Keyword : Data base for electron collision cross section, Fundamental discharges data, Application of discharge plasma
Most advanced technologies in the 21st century, such as semiconductor fabrication which supports the advancement of Information Technology society, nano-structure fabrication, photon-technology, etc., are developed on the basis of the progress of plasma technology. For example, plasma etching technology, which enables several nano-meter etching, is achieved with the backup of numerical simulation, and global environment improvement technology, such as decomposition of pollutants by dielectric-barrier and surface discharges, is discussed from the collision reaction between in active species and pollutants in time scale of ns- s. Thereby, a concern and a demand for the fundamental data of atomic and molecular dynamics, which have not been mentioned up to now, have arisen. Simultaneously, luminescence of discharge plasma, especially, that in vacuum ultraviolet region has become an interesting subject.
Based on these situations, the interaction between electrons and atoms and molecules is re-examined and arranged from the broader standing point of view, and the trend of a new technology is also summarized.

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