No. 1190
New Service of Information Provision in Expressways
Investigating R&D Committee on New Service of Information Provision in Expressways
Keyword : Expressway, Traffic Control System, Information Provision Service
Japan Public Highway Corporation was privatized in October 2005. This privatized new organization is expected to take over past measures and develop related business actively for the realization of a variety of services according to road users' needs, along with the increase of business efficiency and service level caused by the achievement of business management based on its own business judgment.@While on the other hand, we have seen the rapid deployment of personal media information equipment such as car navigation and mobile systems as well as ETC (Electronic toll collection system). This committee, in order to extract needs for new information services from users including road administrators, first held a Web survey to ask for the effectiveness of 29 services that were selected by combining service contents the committee members recommended as supposedly effective in future and general users' opinions. The survey had feedbacks from around 2,200 users, which was later analyzed.
The committee has held a further analysis of the survey results to propose a new information service, called "Expressways Tour Service". Business models and feasibility of the service as a business were also reviewed, and the necessary requirements to provide the new service were identified. This report presents the results of research and investigation made by the committee, beginning with the explanation of current expressway information services, followed by the selected new services based on the survey results, proposals on expressway new services, and a proposal of a system to realize the Expressways Tour Service.

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