No. 1196
Technical Report of Diagnostic Technology for Induction Machines
Investigating R&D Committee of Diagnostic Technology for Induction Machines
Keyword : Induction Machine, Diagnostic Technology, Failure Prevention
Induction machines are widely used in various applications. The area of their application has been significantly growing up with the introduction of inverter drives. In some applications, precision control and high reliability are indispensable. Thus, diagnostic and failure prediction technologies of the induction machines have become very important from the viewpoint of economical solution to improve system reliability.
This report describes the state of the art of the diagnostic technology and its relative issues based on the literature review of domestic and international journals and technical report from the industry. Basic theories used commonly in the various methods of diagnosis are summarized after a brief introduction. As typical applications of the diagnostic technologies, diagnostic methods of rotor, stator, and mechanical failure are summarized. Finally, several practical examples of failure prevention method of the induction machines are presented.

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