No. 1197
Power Electronics Technologies Constituting Innovative Distribution Networks
Investigating R&D Committee of Power Electronics Technologies Constituting Innovative Distribution Networks
Keyword : distribution system, power electronics, dispersed generation, renewable energy, mobile object
In order to solve the energy and environmental problems, promotion of various kinds of dispersed generations, such as renewable energy and cogeneration system, are being achieved. In such situation, research, development and demonstrative projects relating to innovative distribution network systems have been actively carried out. In this field, power electronics as power conversion technology for grid interconnection of the dispersed generation or keeping of power quality is the key technology. Based on such a situation, this technical report describes the result of investigation and arrangement on component technologies used in power electronics equipments as key technology which constitutes an innovative distribution system from a viewpoint of seeds, such as circuits or control technologies, and also power electronics technologies constituting distribution systems, in particular, (1) which are suitable for a large number of introduction of the dispersed generations, (2) which utilize new (renewable) energy, (3) that of new concepts, such as a high-frequency system, rectangular wave system and direct-current system, and (4) that in a mobile object, such as an aircraft and a vessel.

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