No. 1198
State and trends of the precise magnetic force control technology using magnetic characteristics of materials
Investigating R&D Committee of the precise magnetic force control technology using magnetic characteristics of materials
Keyword : magnetic properties, superconducting magnet, precise magnetic force controlCmagnetic separationClow-carbon society
Applications of magnetic force control technology utilizing the magnetic characteristics of substance have much technical merits to solve the various problems such as depletion of the natural resources and those towards low carbon society. In recent years a cryogen-free superconducting magnets have been developed and a high magnetic fields comes to be available without specialized knowledge about cryogenics. It is expected that the fundamental study will be expanded to the practical researches in various fields later on in the near future. It is necessary for an abecedarian and a student to learn about the magnetic force on a material as a part of electromagnetic and to use actually what they studied, though the studies summarized systematically are few. In such a background, the technical committee was established to investigate the precise magnetic force control technology utilizing magnetic properties of materials and the challenges, the future trends and the ways to use this technology were surveyed considering the case. In this report, we organized the basic knowledge of the magnetic force on the materials depended the properties of the matter and sowed how to calculate it. Furthermore, the key technologies were summarized systematically for a variety of embodiments of the magnetic separation techniques referring the field of the environmental resources recycling. This report will becomes the introduction to the next generation of researchers and contribute to uncover new applications for the magnetic force control technology having much potential. The magnetic force control technology that utilized a magnetic characteristic of the material may provide new solutions towards the problems for low-carbon society or global issues of resource depletion.

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