No. 1199
MHD Energy Conversion Application Technology
Investigating R&D Committee on MHD Energy Conversion Application Technology
Keyword : MHD Power Generation, MHD Energy Conversion, High-Efficiency Power Generation, High-Efficiency Energy Utilization
The "Technical Committee on MHD Energy Conversion Application Technology" was started to establish high-efficiency MHD electrical power generation and advanced utilization of energy and has been working three years from July 2007 to May 2010.
This committee has been investigated closed loop and shock-tube driven MHD power generation experiments, performance analyses of commercial MHD power plant connected to power grid or to micro-grid, hypersonic vehicle onboard MHD power generation systems, and liquid metal MHD and its application to wave energy conversion for MHD related technologies. For advanced energy utilization technologies, flow control by MHD effects, fast ionization wave, surface treatments with atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge, direct energy conversion of high-energy charged particles, and fuel cells and hydrogen energy system as frontier energy and energy saving technologies. The present technical report described results of investigations by this committee.

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