No. 1203
Substation control and monitoring system technology
Investigating R&D committee on substation control and monitoring system technology
Keyword : Substation control and monitoring system, Power apparatus, Operation, Automatic control, Automatic restoration
In Japan, with increased power demand brought about by economic growth, highly reliable electric power systems have been built and operated by expanding trunk transmission lines, substations and large-scale power stations developed in remote areas intensively. Recently, more efficient and transparent power system operation has been required due to social requirements such as deregulation of the electrical power industry, and rapid restoration operation and information service are also desired in case of wide area black out, which has a significant impact on an advanced information-oriented society. In these situations, the importance of substation control and monitoring systems, supporting power system operation at the lowest layer in the power system, has been increasing.
Under those circumstances, this committee has been investigating the current state of substation control and monitoring system technology and its trends in the future, during the two years from July 2008 to August 2010. A substation control and monitoring system is a collective system which is installed in a substation, performs status monitoring of power equipment and operation of switchgear in the substation, and consists of control panels which provide remote/local control functions, automatic control functions, automatic restoration functions for an area disconnected due to a fault condition, recording functions and operation and maintenance support functions.
This report describes the "role and position in the power system", "system architecture and application" and "functions" for a substation control and monitoring system, which have not previously been considered as a subject for a report. Furthermore, "application in overseas countries" and "trends in the future" are covered. This report aims to become a technological resource not only for engineers involved in substation control and monitoring systems, but also for other people engaged in the electric power business and moreover for students studying electric power engineering.

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