No. 1204
Lightning discharge phenomena with the global circuit model in atmosphere
Investigation R&D Committee on recent study of engineering model and phenomena for lightning discharge
Keyword : lightning discharge, simulation, lightning model, transient luminous event in high altitude
Lightning flash is well known as a cloud-to-ground discharge. It would be interesting that a lightning discharge might be related to the origin of life, but the details are not clear yet. Recently not just in the Troposphere, the electrical discharge phenomena in high altitude, known as transient luminous events (TLEs), are observed from Stratosphere to Thermosphere. This means that the concept of so called global electric circuit is very important to consider the charge transfer caused by lightning discharges.
On the other hand, to avoid damage of ground constructions from lightning, a variety of lightning discharge models has been developed up to now. For example, lightning shielding model has been studied for the design of transmission line, but it is not enough to investigate the striking rate from the physical points of view.
This report summarized the lightning discharge model, and compared each other. Moreover, recent observation results related on TLEs, such as blue jets and sprites are introduced.

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