No. 1206
Trend and Issue of Environmental Resistance Test for Distribution Electric Wire and Overhead Cable
Investigation Committee on Technical Trend of Environmental Resistance Test of Insulator Materials for Distribution Electric Wire and Cable
Keyword : Electric Wire, Cable, Outdoor terminal joint, Environmental Resistance Test, Standard
As for distribution wire, overhead cable, and outdoor terminal joints, since their insulators and sheathes are exposed outdoors, the environmental stress affects their deterioration progress. Recently, there being few opportunity of equipment replacement, the numbers of old equipments on their field have been increasing, and so the influence of the environmental stress accumulation has been anticipated. Therefore it is hoped for the development of the environmental resistance test to be able to assess the stress received in the periods of being used. However, at present there is not enough explanation about test procedure and criteria. Environmental deterioration states of the equipments which were not necessarily understood.
As a result, this committee widely investigated some standards of distribution electric wire, overhead cable and outdoor terminal joints such as electrical safety laws, Japanese Industrial standards (JIS), Japanese Electrotechnical Committee (JEC), Japan Power Cable Accessories Association (JCAA), Japanese Cable Maker's Association Standard (JCS), Power Electric Standards, and the user's original standards etc. Additionally, Electrical Engineers Technical Reports published by Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan and Electric Technology Research Association, related to establishment and revision of standards, were also investigated. In this report all these matters were summarized.

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