No. 1208
Restoration of power system
Investigating R&D Committee on Restoration of power system
Keyword : Electric power system, Contingency, Restoration, Direction, Energy Management System (EMS)
Electric power outages have a major impact on our society, no matter how long they last, due to the progress of our advanced information society. For this reason, the importance of electrical energy is growing in our social life. Therefore, system operators are required to restore the power system quickly with a prompt and accurate judgment of the system's condition and appropriate decision-making for restoration.
To contribute to the stable supply of electricity, this committee researched about the restoration of power systems by the operators and restoration support functions in EMS. For the restoration of power systems by system operators, this report illustrates the points of restoration using models and showing the basics in each step, from the occurrence of contingency to the completion of restoration. Also, for the support functions, it illustrates each function and content supporting operators and helping them to understand the system condition, to make decisions for restoration, to restore the power system, to distribute information, and so on.
In addition, the committee also researched about matters related to restoration such as the form of facilities in power systems, protection systems, the wide-area cooperation, and examples of blackouts in recent years.

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