No. 1210
IT Technology for Utilizing Field Information In Social and Industrial Systems
Investigating R&D Committee on IT Technology for Utilizing Field Information
Keyword : visualization, facility management, operational improvements, manufacturing, social infrastructure
In recent years, the systems designed to gather information more quickly and accurately, for respond to rapidly changing customer needs and markets. These developments are told in words such as visualization and MIERUKA of the field, for example, are expected to accelerate the advancement of facility management and operational improvements in manufacturing and social infrastructure. In addition, the developments of latest IT technology and device technology, represented by the electronic tags and sensor networks, allow to real timely collect more detailed information of the field. It make possible to use more field information.
Based on these backgrounds, the Committee was set up to investigate the trends and technologies as well as concrete action in the field of social systems and industrial systems, aimed to clarify the future direction of technology development. This technical report is the result of the outcomes of their activities. Chapter 2 explains the future vision in terms of the domestic industry development. Chapter 3 explains the classification and Standardization of visualization technology. Chapter 4 explains the latest efforts in terms of proven business user. Chapter 5 explains the technical development of manufacturers. Chapter 6 explains the research in universities. This report expected to be a reference in various business areas that a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan.

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