No. 1213
System technology to realize smart utilization of power systems
Investigation R&D Committee on system technology to realize smart utilization of power systems
Keyword : renewable energy, supply reliability, power quality, ICT
After deregulation of power industries in 2003, power market has been becoming enlarged through abolishment of transfer supply tariff as well as inauguration of the Japan Electric Power Exchange. In addition, bulk amount of renewable sources will be interconnected toward the future to realize low-carbon electric power systems, which may increases uncertain environments around power systems.
Slow down of peak demand increase of electric power due to fertility decline and energy conservation progress has made it more difficult to newly introduce and strengthen electric power transmission facilities.
Under such an environment, existing facilities are requested to make the most of maintaining supply reliability. It means that advanced ICT to realize smart utilization of existing facilities are requested without new introduction nor enhancement of transmission facilities.
With many active committee members, the R&D investigation Committee has investigated, organized and summarized on (1) Japanese past examples to have settled issues through ICT (2) prospective issues in future Japanese power systems (3) possible solutions using ICT for future prospective issues before-mentioned (4) technology trend abroad of ICT

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