No. 1215
Direct-current distribution and generation of next power system
Investigating R&D Committee on Direct-current distribution and generation of next power system
Keyword : Distributed generation, Direct-current distribution system, Converter Standard, DC micro-Grid
New energy system with high efficiency and energy saving capability employing microgrids and smart grids that utilize PV and FC as direct current power supply, is highly expected in the field of electricity. In the generation field of this system, direct current (DC) technology is utilized for photovoltaic power, wind power, and fuel cell generation. On the other hand, in the field of load, a shift from usage of electric light as source of power to DC circuit semiconductor electricity conversion element used in home electronics appliances is becoming evident. Also, as usage of electricity increases in telecommunications facilities and data center, with fewer steps involved in converting alternate current(AC) to DC, usage of DC feeding has been reported inside and outside Japan. These technologies involving DC feeding system have been attracting attention in recent years, and by adding power generation, energy storage, element of consumption, conversion and supply (protection, control) functions, a supply system that utilizes advantages of DC can be built.
By taking into consideration events described above, the committee was divided into three working group (power generation, conversion and consumer) to undertake research on current state of DC distribution and supply technologies. The results are reported as they become available.

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