No. 1221
Basis of Collaborative Technologies for Nanoscale Servo Control
Investigating R&D Committee on Basis of Collaborative Technologies for Nanoscale Servo Control
Keyword : Nanoscale servo control, Highly-accurate positioning control, High-speed motion control, Academic-industrial collaboration
It is expected that needs for nanoscale servo control technologies will become larger and larger not only for mass storage systems such hard disk drives that have a large market of audio-visual apparatuses as well as of computer storage devices, but also for a field of manufacturing industries in Japan, i.e., one of the most technology-oriented nations based on nanotechnologies. Although there have been already commercial products of actuators that achieve nanoscale accuracy in stand-alone operations, there would be little system that satisfactorily meets the nanoscale positioning requirement as integrated equipment. Thus, it is worthwhile to conduct cross-cutting research by sharing knowledge between industries and universities and to construct novel fundamentals for systematic design technologies of nanoscale servo control. The committee had been established to pursue the issues and was working to find common bases among various commercial products related to nanoscale servo control and to organize those points in common and differences. As a result, it is found that "feedback control to compensate affects of disturbances such a friction" and "feedforward control to generate reference trajectories suitable for high-speed and highly-accurate motion control" could be a basis addressing the cross-cutting issues. This report gives current status and future directions of those technologies focusing attention on the interoperability among different industrial fields.

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