No. 1229
Current Status of Advanced Power Systems including Micro grid and Smart grid
Investigating R&D Committee on advanced power system
Keyword : Advanced Electric Power Supply System, Dispersed Generation, Micro Grid, Smart Grid
Advanced electric power supply system is expected as a future power system to achieve stable supply, maintaining supply reliability and power quality, low cost power supply, reduction of environmental load, and increasing customer benefit. Demonstrative tests of micro grid, which operates small scale power system with dispersed generations, have been carried out. In isolated islands or regions where power supply reliability is lower, independent operation of the micro grid has been constructed also. In addition, smart grid technologies which enable interconnection of a large number of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic systems are focused internationally.
This report describes the result of investigation on the research projects about the micro grids and the smart grids as follows, (1) demonstrative projects of micro grids which monitors a particular site in Japan, (2) demonstrative projects of advanced electric power supply system which monitors the power system in Japan, (3) demonstrative projects in foreign countries and new technologies such as smart grid.

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