No. 1230
International Standard Harmonization for Inverter-fed Induction Motors
Inverter-fed Induction Motors Investigating R&D Committee
Keyword : Standard, Inverter, Induction Motor, Vibration, Insulation
Amid growing concern over global warming, the industrial motors accounting for about 40% of the world's gross electric power consumption are attracting a lot of attention. In order to promote the diffusion of high-efficiency motor system, IEC/TC2 has been unifying the country-specific standards. At first, from 2007 to 2008, international standards for the efficiency and for the test method were published, respectively: IEC60034-30 (Efficiency classes of single-speed three-phase cage-induction motors), and IEC60034-2-1 (Standard methods for determining losses and efficiency from test).
In addition, IEC/TC2 has begun the revision of the standard for VSD (variable speed drive) system: IEC60034-25 (Guide for the design and performance of cage induction motors for converter supply). The VSD system is effective for annual energy saving, where the efficiency improvement of both motors and inverters is indispensable. However, in some cases, the high-efficiency inverter might trade off the reliability of the motor. This investigation technical committee investigated the IEC standards about the inverter-fed motors, the domestic standards and technique in view of such a background.

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