No. 1231
Basic Functions of BACS by Using Open Technology and BACnet Communication Protocol
Investigating R&D committee of Functions on ICT-oriented Central Supervisory and Control
Keyword : BACS, BACnet, monitoring & control functions, energy management, reliability, remote control/data management
An ICT oriented BACSiBuilding automation and Control Systemjis composed of central work station, sub controllers@and field devices based on the latest ICT. This technical report describes the outline of the basic functions of BACS from the view point of interoperability, monitoring information, control information and standardizing activities by using BACnet communication protocol. The contents of this report are as follows;
1.Outline of the activity of this Investigation R&D committee;
2.The outline of basic functions of BACS;
3.The BACnet applications in the monitoring function;
4.The measurement function;Control functions;
5.The control functions;
6.The schedule function;
7.The energy data management function;
8.The reliability securing finction;
9.The remote monitoring/control data management;
10.The construction and installation techenology;
11.The inspection and maintenance services.

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