No. 1233
Effective Numerical Techniques for Advanced Electromagnetic Field Analysis
Investigating R&D committee on Effective Numerical Techniques for Advanced Electromagnetic Field Analysis
Keyword : Electromagnetic field analysis, large-scale high-speed computation, modeling of magnetic properties, sample program
Recently, the technology for electromagnetic field computations has been advanced drastically resulting from the development of hardware such as PC cluster and GPGPU, and the progress in computational techniques such as Implicit/Explicit error correction for fast convergence. Furthermore, the research for modeling technique such as laminated core, magnetic hysteresis and the practical design optimization has been powerfully carried out.
This technology report digests the current numerical technique for electromagnetic field analysis. The main sections are composed of five components: (1) important techniques for numerical analysis, (2) the state of the art in numerical analysis, (3) possible failures in electromagnetic field analysis, (4) open problems remained in effective 2D analysis, (5) sample programs for the Biot-Savart law and magnetic hysteresis model.
This report will be useful not only for experts of computational electromagnetics but also for the electrical machine engineers using commercial software.

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