No. 1236
Lightning Accident Case and Protective Measures for Electrical Facilities in Factory
Investigating R&D Committee for Lightning Accident and Protective Measure in Factory Electrical Facilities
Keyword : Lightning Accident, Lightning Protective Measure, Factory Electrical Facilities
The equipment to which an electronic circuit was applied increases in recent receiving and distribution equipment in a factory and productive facilities by energy conservation, sophisticated function and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) etc.. Computerization is being developed in supervisory equipment in the plant and information processing equipment, etc. including protection relay of receiving and distribution equipment, utility grid monitoring equipment in the factory and control power supply equipment. Superior performance and miniature keep being developed, and these equipment becomes easy to be affected to an over-voltage by lightning and instant voltage drop. In other words, it itself is an arrester and center circuit electric power equipment of a factory is protected from an abnormal over-voltage, but there will be fear of lightning damage to equipment besides the center circuit electric power equipment and equipment, etc.. This report covered with investigation about a recent lightning accident case and the protective measures.

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