No. 1237
Control Techniques of Advanced Motors for Next Generation
Investigating R&D Committee on Next Generation Control Technology for Advanced Motors
Keyword : IPMSM, SynRM, low voltage and large current, high torque density
Movement of energy saving in recent years has promoted the electrification of power in various fields. Synchronous motors assisted by reluctance torque (IPMSM, SPMSM) play an important role in the movement. Application specific design and development, supported by high performance computing and FEM of magnetic field analysis, become popularized in theses motors. As results, various motors, which are optimized with utilizing material performance for each application, have been produced.
Form another side, it makes difficult to show a performance of the motors. To display the remarkable performance of advanced synchronous motors, which aim further higher-performance and expansion of their application, it is also expected to revolute various technology for motor control.
Under the awareness of that "From the perspective of control engineers, future motor control technology must be discussed." ,therefore, this technical repot summarizes the development trend, expansion of application, of synchronous motors assisted by reluctance torque and new trend of control technique for the motors.

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