No. 1239
Industrial control technology considering energy saving and ecology
Collaborative Research Committee of Synthesis of Robust, Adaptive and Hybrid Control and Robot Technology and its application to Industrial Instrumentation
Keyword : Energy Saving, Ecology, Industrial Control Technology
This book is the technical report edited after the surveillance research for two years in collaborative research committee of "synthesis of robust, adaptive and hybrid control and robot technology and its application to industrial instrumentation". The book aims to introduce the latest trend of industrial control technology in which energy saving/ecology was taken into consideration. Authors introduce the practical techniques about the current state and the future perspective of energy saving/ecology in industrial application of control technology and robot technology from industrial viewpoints.
The book is organized by 7 chapters. In Chapter 1 to 3, the attempts to energy saving/ecology of Japanese companies (OMRON, TOHSHIBA, YAMATAKE) were described. In Chapter 4 to 6, some industrial control techniques considering energy saving/ecology were explained. The future perspective of robot technology in the field of care support was introduced in Chapter 7.

Table of contents:
1. Approach to the energy optimum usage
2. A monitoring technique for energy saving process operation of wastewater treatment plants
3. Electric power control of heating process
4. Energy-efficient of process control systems via control performance assessment
5. Design of a weigh feeder control based on minimization of the variance of differences in the control input
6. Model predictive controller design of greenhouse temperature
7. Wearable power assist suit for care support

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