No. 1240
Advanced Scheduling and its Evaluation in Railways
Investigating R&D Committee for Advanced Scheduling and its Evaluation in Railways
Keyword : Railways, train planning, evaluation, decision support systems
Since passengers in metropolitan railway networks request more convenient transport services than ever before, railway companies have to make every effort to keep improving their train planning. This report summarizes discussions on advances in train planning at an IEEJ committee that was organized from June 2009 to March 2011. Because the committee was composed of researchers, developers and practical planners in charge of train planning from typical organizations, the content also covers state-of-the-arts of scheduling algorithms and their applications to train planning.
This report consists of six chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the purpose and motivation of the committee. Chapter 2 suggests some directions based on the discussions of the committee. Chapter 3 describes activities of the committee for two years that include some visits to railway operators and related companies. Chapter 4 shows five examples of research and development for practical decision support systems. Chapter 5 surveys fifty four research papers in foreign countries and classifies them to seven categories. The chapter can be useful for not only novice researchers but the experienced in this field. Chapter 6 summarizes discussions of the committee shortly.

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