No. 1249
Trend of the International Standard about the Electrical Safety in the Railway
Investigating R&D Committee on Trend of the international Standard about the Electrical Safety in the Railway
Keyword : Electric railway, Electrical safety, international standard, domestic standard, IEC62128
International standard IEC 62128 specifies the electrical protective provisions such as the electric shock protection for passengers, publics and workers, and the provisions against the effects of stray currents caused by d.c. traction systems. However, European railway systems have become approximately basis of this standard because this standard has been based on the European standard EN 50122.
This investigation R&D committee investigated the domestic and foreign circumstances mainly on contents of IEC 62128-1 related to the electric shock protection. This committee was also intended to do findings with a basic document at the time of the examination of the future electrical protection policy, e.g., the IEC revision concerned. The investigation items carried out by this committee are as follows.
(1) Difference of the target international standard from the domestic standard
(2) Difference of the domestic situation from the foreign situation about electrical infrastructures for railways
(3) Domestic and foreign documents about the actual situation of protective provisions and the rail potential
(4) The domestic rules and cases to be reflected in the target international standard
This report describes the following contents based on the findings by the committee;
- Trend of the establishment process and the revision of the target international standard
- Summary of the railway electrical infrastructures in Japan and foreign countries
- Domestic and foreign rules about the direct contact protection
- Domestic and foreign rules about the limit of the touch voltage
- Domestic and foreign rules about the indirect contact protection

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