No. 1254
Thermal Assisted Nano-Spin Storage Technology
Investigating R&D Committee on Thermal Assisted Nano-Spin Storage Technology
Keyword : magnetic recording, thermal assisted recording, patterned media, FePt ordered alloy films, spin dynamics
In order to improve thermal stability in magnetic recording systems, it is necessary to employ either high coercivity recording media or patterned media. Thermal assisted recording process is also necessary to write bits on high coercivity media. In this report, firstly, present agenda and future prospect of a magnetic recording technology were described and then various technical topics were mentioned. Micro fabrication methods and a size dispersion for preparing patterned media and a phase synchronization between writing field modulation and bit patterns are discussed. For a preparation method of L10 ordered FePt film, which is a potential candidate for a future recording medium, it was shown that annealing process in H2 gas of Fe/Pt bilayered films is effective to obtain c-plane oriented FePt films. A stability of recording bits and an interaction to adjacent tracks were discussed using analytical approach. A magnetization reversal in a micro-patterned TbFe were demonstrated by passing a pulse current of 6x106 A/cm2 through the pattern. In order to make clear the magnetization reversal process, spin dynamics of GdFeCo films were investigated by stroboscopic measurement method using a femto-second laser.

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