No. 1262
Agent-Based Simulation and Real Data Analysis
Research Committee on Agent-Based Simulation and Real Data Analysis
Keyword : Agent-Based Simulation; Artificial Intelligence; Social Systems
With a rapid change of society and an economic system in recent years, he regards not only the conventional social-scientific analysis but society and economic phenomena as a system, understands a mechanism, and the new engineering approach which designs and builds a system is needed. A social economy phenomenon is a complexity system which the interaction between the individuals who are autonomous elements is accumulated, and appears. It is very difficult to use a mathematical and analytical approach for such a system, and development of a completely different new method from the former serves as pressing need. In recent years, the agent simulation research which simulates a social economy phenomenon as a group attracts attention.
Many computer programs (agent) which modeled the action of the participant in society and an economic system are performing the gathering interaction. The researcher and engineers who belong to a university, a company, a research institute, etc. gathered, and integration with the newest trend of an agent simulation, and the real world application and live data which are developing into urgency in recent years was investigated preponderantly. This book reports the contents which summarized results of an investigation systematically.

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