No. 1264
Recent trends in the GIS standards with other related standards
Investigation R&D Committee on recent trends in the GIS standards with other related standards
More than 40 years have been passed after commercial operation of Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) in Japan. High voltage and large current technologies for GIS have been developed from the beginning. And high reliable and small-sized GIS are achieved by now. In 1994 JEC-2350-1994(Gas Insulated Switchgear) was standardized according to a proper understanding of GIS as a system, which is composed of Gas Circuit Breakers, Disconnecting Switches, Earthing Switches and other equipments. GIS applications have been prospering in Japan for dozens of years. Consideration for control of SF6 as global warming gas and necessities for harmonization with international standards led a revision as JEC-2350-2005 in 2005.
The details of revisions of JEC and IEC standards for GIS , and the relations among the related standards are summarized in this technical report based on the investigation of standards and technical reports for rated voltage 72/84kV and above of JEC standard, for more than 52kV of IEC standards. Details of IEC standardization of UHV transmission technologies, comparisons of seismic qualification and pressure vessel design, and newly standardized IEC62271 series are also studied and commented from the viewpoint of a future trend.

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