No. 1265
Feasibility of MDOF New-Generation Actuators
Investigating R&D Committee on Feasibility of MDOF New-Generation Actuators
Keyword : MDOF, New actuator, Plane, Sphere, Elongation, contraction, and flexion
MDOF (Multi-Degree-of-Freedom) Actuator, that allows direct MDOF motion, can realize compact MDOF industrial machines, and so, is one of the high-expectation technologies. And recently, new-generation actuators are emerging, the drive principle of which are based on electrostatic force, electric and magnetic strain, shape memory, fluid, and so on. Each of them has the unique drive performance, and they are reported in IEEJ Technical Report 1169 that MDOF drive is one of the important issues in the future. Then, this committee investigated feasibility of the MDOF new-generation actuators. The result indicates that they are in different research phases, but some basic models of them have been proposed and are promising. This technical report describes prior works of the new-generation actuators, their feature, and technical issues toward MDOF drive. In addition, although prior MDOF electromagnetic actuators are reported in IEEJ Technical Report 1029, 1081, and 1140, this report also describes latest works of MDOF electromagnetic actuators.

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