No. 1267
The data acquisition and distribution scheme of power system operation
Investigating R&D Committee on The data acquisition and distribution scheme of power system operation
Keyword : power system dataCpower system operationCacquisitionCdistributionCinformation communication technology
The progress of electricity deregulation, spreading of distribution generator has brought power system operation to be more complicated. All the same time, high power quality has been required with increase of the importance of power electricity.
Meanwhile, information communication technology has been developed rapidly in recent years. This allows power operation systems to collect huge amount of data, centralized monitoring and control. Many utilities consolidated their power system operation centers by using such systems.
It is mandatory factor for power system operators to supply high quality electricity to consumers continuously and to operate power system facilities reasonably and efficiently. Power system operators recognized things mentioned above as their missions not in the past but in the future. To achieve their mission, power system data is absolutely essential.
Our investigating R & D committee investigated hierarchical scheme of power system operation and work contents, functions and implementation status of support systems for power system operators with a focus on data acquisition, distribution and its use case. In addition, we investigated power system operators needs and issues regarding power system data, and wrapped up solutions of the needs and the issues and the future vision of the data acquisition and distribution scheme of power system operation. Moreover we investigated hierarchical scheme, power operation system, and use- case of power system data in USA, Europe and Asia.

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