No. 1269
Recent technology Trend of Transmission Power Cables in Overseas
Investigating R&D Committee of Recent Technology of Transmission Power Cables in Overseas
Keyword : Oversea, Power Cable, Joint, Transmission, Standard
Major power transmission cable projects after 2000, relevant standards and technology trends were mainly investigated from international papers published.
Investigation and consideration items are as follows.
(1) Outline of major power transmission system projects in each overseas country: investigation of transmission cable system features and technology trends in main countries in America, Europe, Asia, etc.
(2) Comparison of international power cable relevant standards with Japan's standards: investigation and comparison of the latest trends in cable quality evaluation methods, current capacity calculation methods, test requirements, etc according to domestic and international standards.
(3) Trends in power transmission cable systems: investigation of characteristic technology trends in terms of reactions to environmental issues, maintenance and degradation diagnosis methods, methods for testing cables after installation, cable installation design, factory tests methods as well as joint and cable designs.
Due to the above investigations, not only concepts and trends in quality control methods, power transmission cable design and technology trends in overseas countries have been clarified but also technology differences between Japan and other countries as well as technical task arrangement have been understandable in a systematic way. In the future this is to help give an idea of technology research and development, and find global technology strategies.

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