No. 1272
Application technologies of arc and glow discharges
Investigating R&D Committee on application technologies of arc and glow discharges
Keyword : Arc and Glow Discharge, Industrial Application, Modeling
Arc discharges, glow discharges and discharges that belong to the border area of those discharges have a wide range of industrial applications, such as large-scale heating of melting and smelting in metallurgical processes, purification of exhaust gas or waste water, sterilization, surface treatment or coating and production of ultra fine particles for innovative materials. Some of these applications have reached maturity, while some others are in the stage of research and development. This technical report summarizes the present state of the above applications, focusing on how the advantages of arc discharges and glow discharges are exploited. The latest trend of numerical simulation techniques is also summarized, because its advancement was found to be essential for the progress in the application technology.

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