No. 1274
Recent Technology of Power Magnetic Devices
Investigation R&D Committee on Power Magnetic Device Technology
Keyword : Magnetic device, Power conversion, Energy conversion, Power magnetics
The investigative committee editing this report is made up of not only specialists in non-linear applied magnetics, but also includes experts in the latest DC-DC converter technologies. Therefore, technologies for the synthesis of functions in power magnetic devices applied to DC-DC converters are included in this report, in addition to non-linear power magnetics, such as static and rotational machines, and power magnetic materials. This report leads the readers to understand that the development of these converters and machines is based on the mergence of technologies such as electric and magnetic circuits, circuit simulation, ripple and loss reductions of DC-DC converters, analysis of wireless power transfer systems, practical wireless power transfer systems, electrical circuitry for wireless power transfer, condensing magnetic flux in wireless power transfer systems, non-linear reactors utilizing non-linear magnetization materials, reactive power compensation, fault current limiters, non-linear electromagnetic field analysis, reluctance motors, parametric motors, magnetic gears, magnetization and temperature characteristics of an electrical steel sheet, iron loss of ferrite, and recent technologies of permanent magnets. These merging technologies will also lead to technological advancements in the near future in response to demands caused by the recent energy environment in Japan.

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