No. 1275
Control Techniques for Applications of Nanoscale Servo
Joint Research Committee on Control Techniques for Applications of Nanoscale Servo
Keyword : nanoscale servo, high-precision positioning, modeling, controller design
Nanoscale servo and related motion techniques are one of core technologies for varieties of industrial and consumer application fields, such as home appliances and ubiquitous products, mass storage and IT devices, and industrial and FA products. In order to lead the global manufacturing as a technology-oriented nation Japan, the nanoscale servo should be promising as one of important principles. The committee, following to a series of committees of IEEJ on mass storage systems and nanoscale servo systems, has been established to develop the nanoscale servo into the universal methodologies as control techniques for applications and to provide the common knowledge among industries and academia, on the basis of fundamentals for systematic design technologies of nanoscale servo control that have been investigated and discussed at the former committees. In the committee, novel methodologies on applicable control and signal processing have been investigated to apply to various actual industrial application fields. This report gives present status and future directions of the control techniques according to the discussions at the committee.

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