No. 1276
Present and Future Communication Technology for Protection Relaying
Investigating R&D Committee on Present and Future Communication Technology for Protection Relaying
Keyword : protection relay system, fault cascading prevention system, communication technology, IP technology, IEC 61850
Protection relay systems have contributed in providing stable and effective services for complex power systems, by improving their reliability based upon a high level of discrimination and performance, and also by expansion of the communication systems associated with protection systems. However, the communication technologies that have been applied with protection relay systems have been particular to the required protection performance. However, recent advances in communication technology have seen rapid development, especially IP technology which has enabled large capacity, high speed communication. The advantage of recent advances in communication technology for protection relay systems has been globally anticipated. In this report, the results of our survey and analysis with regard to the current situation are summarized as follows:
1) Protection relay applications which utilize communication technologies from the development stage to the present situation in Japan
2) Required performance from the communication technology
3) Protection relay systems which utilize communication technology throughout the world
4) Trends in international standards (IEC 61850)

In addition, testing of the prospective applications and technical issues surrounding the application of when applied to protection relay systems are also mentioned in this report.
This committee consists of 17 electric power companies and vendors, 4 universities and CRIEPI.
This report is useful, not only for professional engineers, but also for students who are learning about power system operations.

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