No. 1284
Application of MHD Technology
Investigating R&D Committee on Application of MHD Technology
Keyword : MHD Power Generation, High-Efficiency Energy Conversion, Application of Magnetohydrodynamics
The "Investigating R&D Committee on Application of MHD Technology" was started to contribute to the developments of MHD power generation and its application through the comprehensive investigation of the related R&D fields, and has been working three years from June 2010 to May 2013.

In this committee, the following themes were investigated intensively,
- New developments and future perspectives of advanced MHD power generation with highly efficient energy utilization and environmentally friendly.
- New developments and future perspectives of clean energy MHD power generation systems utilizing solar, hydrogen, or ocean wave energy
- New developments of MHD application such as the flow control technology with MHD effect in the aeronautics and astronautics, plasma and electrical conducting flows in the electric machinery, plasma flow utilization in the material and chemical processes
The present technical report described the results of investigation by this committee.

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