No. 1286
Report of technology study on improvement of reliability of the water and sewerage facilities
Investigating R&D Committee for study on improvement of reliability of the water and sewerage facilities
Keyword : Water and sewerage facilities, reliability, improvement, radar chart, diagnosis
The water and sewerage facilities are the critical lifeline indispensable for continuation of the civil life. It is mandatory for the water supply facilities to ensure stable operation of the water treatment plant and stable supply from the water supply station and for the sewerage facilities to ensure stable operation of the treatment plant and pumping station. To achieve such stable operation, highly-reliable equipment of the electric and mechanical systems is naturally essential, and manpower to operate above equipment is essential as well. Also necessary and critical is the system engineering that incorporates troubleshooting to protect the plant from adverse effects in case of the failure of the power system.
This technology report includes the questionnaire directed to the local authorities throughout the country concerning the maintenance of electric equipment, securing of the reliability during renewal of facilities and equipment, installation of the antivirus software in the computer, and the plant control technologies incorporating troubleshooting, which are intended for improvement of the reliability of water and sewerage facilities. Then, the reliability radar chart was prepared by weighing the questionnaire results independently by the committee, achieving visualization of the reliability. It is hoped that this technology report is used as reference data for achieving the reliability of facilities because the report may help identifying aspects to be reinforced after visualization.

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