No. 1291
The Interaction of Power Systems and Converters
Investing R&D Committee on the Interaction of Power Systems and Converters
Keyword : AC/DC Power Converter, Power System, Interaction, HVDC
Development of high voltage, high current devices and advanced power electronics technologies realizes high performance power converters, and they prevail in power systems, e.g., HVDC, STATCOM, FACTS devices and power conditioners for distributed renewable energies.
As a consequence, a lot of conventional or new interactions between the AC/DC converter and power systems are reported, e.g., voltage deviation, harmonics, subsynchronous torsional interaction(SSTI), interaction between HVDC stations close to each other, and high power harmonics of VSC converter at high frequency.
Our investigating R&D committee surveyed conventional interactions systematically from principal, mechanism, analysis and countermeasure based on examples of actual converters applied to existing power systems and published on papers. In addition, various interactions that are not reported as an experience in actual field, but are considered as an important interaction in future power system, were also surveyed to avoid the risk caused by unawareness of engineers to the interaction.
The surveyed results were summarized in this report to provide engineers in planning, designing, manufacturing, testing and o&m sections, with proper information on the interactions.

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