No. 1294
Data-Oriented Prediction and Control -Data, Data and Data-
Investigating R&D Committee on Data-Oriented Control Systems Design
Keyword : Data-Driven Control, Closed-loop Identification, Performance-Driven Control
The industrial world, in response to the intensifying global competition, has attempted to further reduce production costs such as energy-saving and labor-saving measures, as well as improve the quality of its products. Moreover, it has been recognized that in order to solve these problems, high-performance control systems are required. In order to solve the problems stated above, high-performance control systems are required. One the other hand, with the progress of computer technology in the recent years, a large amount of data is able to be processed in a short period of time. In particular, efforts for storing operational data processing, and the construction of programs is carried out relatively easily, improvement to the control performance has become increasingly more active. The trend has been to gradually change the framework of the control system design method, recently, data-oriented control system design methods that are utilized directly on the control system design and operations data has gained much attention.
@In light of the current situation described above, in this technical report, results from research focusing on control system design methods based on data, are summarized. The configuration is as follows.
I. Direct design method of the controller using closed-loop data (Chapter 2 - Chapter 8)
II. Design method of a controller using a database (Chapter 9 - Chapter 12)
III. Design of performance-driven control systems (Chapter 13 - Chapter 15)

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