No. 1295
Trend and application of Energy Saving Technology for Steel Industry
Investigating R&D Committee on Energy Saving for Steel Industry
Keyword : Steel Industry, Energy saving, application
1. Introducing brief approach of Energy Saving in Steel Industry and strategy to achieve target of self action program. Energy consumption of Steel Industry reaches 11% of total domestic energy consumption, thus active development and application of energy saving effort is expected in Steel Industry as leading energy saving activity in total Industry.
2. Recent technological trend of Energy Saving has been introduced. This covers high efficiency equipment, Inverter, Battery( Capacitor), Visualization Technology, Instrumentation, Energy management, ESCO( Energy Service Company).
3. 15 actual applications in recent 10 years in Steel Industry are introduced. These are typical example selected from the perspective of large merit, unique technology, useful application/technology.
4. Future trend introducing large scale energy saving is introduced.

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