No. 1297
Advancement of Traffic Control System in Expressway
Investigating R&D Committee on Advancement of Traffic Control System in Expressway
Keyword : Expressway, Traffic Control System, Intelligent Transport Systems
The traffic control system in expressway has roles for securing safety, smoothing, and comfort of road users. The information provision to road users will be diversified by development of mobile computing devices, such as a car-navigation system and a mobile phone.
The traffic control system which is the core of information provision is regarded as advanced service for utilization promotion of road users. For the realization, the traffic control system requires a system with the extensibility which utilized latest technology and high reliability. In addition, it is important to meet exactly needs of road users and needs of society, such as zeroizing of traffic fatality, aging, internationalization, regional improvement, and environment. Furthermore, it is required for the advancement of the information provision by information exchange with private internet service providers and dynamic information collection of road users, etc.
This report presents the result of research and investigation made by the committee and investigation about the advancement of the traffic control system in expressway expecting in the future.

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