No. 1299
System Integration Technology for Power Electronics
Investigating R&D Committee of System Integration Technology for Power Electronics
Keyword : Power density, Packaging technology, efficiency, Thermal analysis
Recently, downsizing, high efficiency and high reliably for power electronics systems are demanded highly. It is difficult to satisfy these demands when the each component are developing independently. Then, the concept of system integration for power electronics is attracted to achieve breakthrough in the conventional technologies.
The system integration of power electronics means the combination technologies among passive components such as L,C, power devices, optimum design with analysis technologies, circuit topologies, EMI, thermal design. In order to meet the highly specification, these technologies collaborate each other.
This report introduces the fundamental technologies for the system integration technology for power electronics such as components including power device and passive component, thermal management, circuit design, and analysis technology. After that, the trend of the system integration technology for transfer system, home appliance and industrial system and switching power supply are also introduced.

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